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As well as custom mapping at JB Motorcycle Services headquarters you can hire John and the dyno for your events, track days, race days, dealer open days, group/, club days etc.

When at mobile gigs the dyno attracts a crowd wherever it is as motorcycle enthusiasts love to see a bike up close being tested to its maximum performance and for a fixed fee we will produce a nice looking graph that shows rear wheel bhp, torque and also an AFR reading where possible to show how your engine is running. We will also give a recommendation if anything can be done to help increase performance.

We can also be hired for vintage and classic bike demonstrations and start ups.

You can use the mobile dyno unit to show off your race rep, newly restored classic or modern superbike as the dyno makes for a great photo shoot.

We will never Rev your bike beyond any limit you impose and the greatest of care is always taken when handling your pride and joy.


Mobile dyno cost start at:

Day rate £650 plus VAT ( traveling cost to be negotiated) I will test as many bikes as I can within the day rate price)

Weekend rate £1000 ( traveling cost to be negotiated) I will test as many bikes as I can within the weekend price)

For those looking for a more affordable solution prices can be negotiated and a minimum £100 booking fee paid to secure a date and the cost of individual power runs can be as low as £15 a bike.

For group/club meetings I would need potentially 15/20 bikes.

The dyno needs around 15metres to set-up with ramps, loading area and a further area for the towing vehicle to access any site.

The towing vehicle can be moved after set-up as the dyno runs off its own generator.

Please check out are YouTube channel and social media pages for up to date videos, news and event dates etc.