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Motorcycle Dyno Engine Tuning

JB Motorcycle Services are proud to provide a state of the art mobile motorcycle dyno and can offer dyno testing, tuning & diagnostics service using our custom built mobile motorcycle dyno facility.

It is a Dynojet 250i rolling road dyno and we are an approved and fully authorised Dynojet power commander tuning centre, We are fully trained and certified by Dynojet UK.

Motorcycle Engine TuningWe use the latest Dynojet winpep8 and tuning link software that is capable of reading 4 individual AFR(air fuel ratio) readings for the very best results and up to 500bhp.

Using the latest tuning link software we can supply and fit Dynojet power commanders, ignition modules, quickshifters and custom map them specifically to your bike for optimum performance.

We don’t just set-up Dynojet products, we can also fit and custom map bazzaz and rapid bike fuel modules among others, We can also map certain triumph ECU's using Tune ECU software.
We also do custom ECU mapping using Woolich Racing software that can work out more cost effective than add on fuel modules with better results.

Each bike is individually custom tuned so you have the very best results for your specific requirements and modifications not just a generic map loaded into your ECU.

Woolich Racing ECU software and race tools packages will get the very best performance from your motorcycle.

With Woolich Racing ECU software you have the added benefit of being able to add quickshifters, auto blippers, launch control and auto warm up on certain models.

With the state of the art facility we can optimise the performance of your machine providing increased power, smoother power delivery, smoother throttle response and also remove certain restriction within the ECU.

Woolich Racing software can do much more than just fuel and ignition adjustments to get the very best performance from your machine.

We can adjust fan temperature kick in, secondary throttle valves, exhaust valves and also remove restrictions like the 02 sensor, deceleration fuel cut and throttle restrictions as well as turn off certain ECU fault codes to remove the fault light.

As well as custom mapping at JB Motorcycle Services headquarters you can hire John and the dyno for your events, track days, race days, dealer open days, group/, club days etc.

When at mobile gigs the dyno attracts a crowd wherever it is as motorcycle enthusiasts love to see a bike up close being tested to its maximum performance and for a fixed fee we will produce a nice looking graph that shows rear wheel bhp, torque and also an AFR reading where possible to show how your engine is running. We will also give a recommendation if anything can be done to help increase performance.

We can also be hired for vintage and classic bike demonstrations and start ups.

You can use the mobile dyno unit to show off your race rep, newly restored classic or modern superbike as the dyno makes for a great photo shoot.

We will never Rev your bike beyond any limit you impose and the greatest of care is always taken when handling your pride and joy.